Saturday, May 28, 2005


The Mind Controllers

RevAlex wrote:
> I took the final exams, graduation came and went
> and leaving Franklin Central High School was a
> total anticlimax...Welcome to the Machine, I
> suppose...

Now the real fun begins. It will take you years to
figure out all of the *lies* that have been implanted
into you.

Granted, memory loss will wipe away a lot of them, but
you will be amazed at the scope and the depth of their
efforts to distort your mind.

You first inclination will be to think that this list
is a joke. That it's far too blatant for them to have
done this to you. But you are wrong. It is that low
level, that basic. And it is permeated with *lies*.

1) Everything they told you about sex.
2) Everything they told you about politics.
3) Everything they told you about the law.
4) They told you that your life has value.

Look at everything around you. It is bio-degradeable.
There is a reason for that.

You were educated to be a wage-slave. That is all.

They want you to reproduce, but not to emotionally
mature. Domestic animals never emotionally mature, or
they would become wild.

If you don't do what they want you to do, they will
make your life very hard. If you insist, they will
lock you out from the good life.

Your only hope is "Bob".


Typical SubGenii


Anal Bleaching: Threat or Menace?

This whole anal bleaching fad is just getting OUT OF CONTROL!

It starts out on the poor side of town, and for a while
the police ignore it. I mean, who cares if a bunch of
junkies and whores bleach their anuses? (sig)

But pretty soon, there's some dumb high school kid and
his girlfriend, both from nice families, at some party,
when along comes some negro anal bleacher. And with
peer pressure, before they know it, they are both
leaning over the dinner table with their pants and
underdrawers around their ankles, getting their first
anal bleaching, while their drunk and stoned friends
stand around and chant "Bleach! Bleach! Bleach!"

Soon, he's converted half the football team, except for
the Mormon kids, and she has gotten the entire cheer
squad regularly getting their anuses bleached at all-
nighter lesbian anal bleaching and fisting parties.

And then comes the police crackdown, when enough irate
parents demand a halt to the shortage of laundry bleach
and their doctor asking them why their kids assholes
looks like an American Standard.

Oh, sure, they first try to restrict bleach and bleach
paraphernalia sales, arresting dealers of those extra
long q-tips and anus hair shavers; but that doesn't
even slow down the flood of o.b.'s in the ERs.

It's pretty painful for the doctors to watch some poor
kid writhing in pain from 3rd degree chemical burns on
his asshole. No one can disguise their emotions when
popsickle after popsickle is used to dampen the raging
butt fires. After some anal bleaching orgy is busted,
onlookers think there's been some sort of accident,
what with a dozen crack anal surgeons, their arms
covered in blood and feces, desperately try to repair
the damage caused by naivete and youthful anal excess.

When will the Federal Government Intervene?
Who will think of the children?

Anal Bleaching: Threat or Menace?


Buncha SubMovies, Filth on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack

I didn't add anything new, but I replenished the stock of our main
short subjects -- the MTV-SubG spot, the X-Day spot, Day of the
SubGenius by Bolex Bros, Adventures in Teen Life by Codini, and most of
the shorts and music videos about X-Day. Most of these are AVIs. I put
a few of the shorter Dobbsedeliasteses up also, in mpeg2.

If I wasn't doing the taxes I'd be editing X-Day footage old and new
and posting that. It's so... STIMULATING. For me anyway. But I should
be through with the taxes today so HEUNH!!

Also on a.b.m.s.: Phineas posted some truly precious Old Puzzling
Evidence radio cuts, a couple of CDs worth, and there's FILTH from
Edfred. The prank call and surreptitiously recorded kook tapes that I
posted a month ago are still on the Giganews version as well. There are
some other things too but they're secret.

Oh and there's a new Lamprey Systems video out, starring George Bush
and done to the tune of DEVO's Mongoloid.

Oh and some wiseacre is posting the complete Carnivale on
alt.binaries.movies.divx. The whole first season is on its own
Carnivale binaries group or two as well.

The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
(4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected, Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)
P.O. Box 181417, Cleveland, OH 44118 (fax 216-320-9528)
Dobbs-Approved Authorized Commercial Outreach of The Church of the SubGenius

Friday, May 27, 2005


Please Let Me Die


SubGenius Reverend

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


"Homeland Security! Freeze!"

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Monday, May 23, 2005


Darth Gets 30

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