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I just now reupped for up, Up, UP Against THE WALL, Motherfuckers! I hit my ACLU membership trifecta, my third year running down the Rove, raving mad at the overhanging gonad chads of highway robbery, and the falling freedom fries of weapons of mass distraction burying bands of brothers in the blood for oil sands. They sow the howling winds of war and we reap the tilt-a-whirlwinds of chaos and terror.

You can drag me wrapped in the rainbow flag, and send me a way out of con-trol. You can call me up: *Agent For Change, Operator # 5*

AKA Rev. Dr. Mike Burns, Church of the SubGenius "blowhole"

AKA A Pisces Fish born in the year of the Black Crazy Diamond Dog

AKA A Jack without a Jill to come tumbling after and bury my heart at wounded knee


Michael Burwell
26 Greentree Ln Apt # 35
Weymouth, MA 02190-2007

I'm a writer and a wanna-be inciter, lighter & igniter. I want to blow hard and fan the flames of Lady Liberty further. Let me know if you can use an extra fuse.

Speaking of which, in the mists down below is my latest GR8st F8st R8st mess of a message in a broken bottle gauntlet thrown down on the world wide web waves. "This is a really long song and we're going to play it real slow tonight."

Celebrate! Dance to the muse-AC... & Skip to my LU, my darling.

Note: A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing What he Reads. It Is So Written! So Be It. Hail Discordia!

All hail the American knight... in the service of the long overdue coming of the American Goddess.The Senator from California has the floor: Freedom fighter Barbara Boxer for President!

Deep-six Dupeya right now, this afternoon! "We'll crucify the insincere tonight."


WE R the world's top terrorists! WE WIN!
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Rating: XXX 100 % of 10,000,000 dead people liked this post to be burned at the fucking post and the ashes to spread over his living now and forever at the bottom of a grave. Do you find it useful? Yes or NO, Fucking Hell No

[fr the movie:
Hiroshima Mon Amour]

Elle: You're destroying me. You're good for me.


AOL POLL Results:

Was dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima the right thing to do?
Total Votes: 134,132

The two atom bombs dropped are the world's # 1 & # 2 single most twisted wretched bastard terrorist moments of all time.

You people make me sick and ashamed.
America was f--d then, and is f--d now.
Ignore MikeBrns4U at your peril Notify AOL This is HELL

Mark Message Unread because I don't know how to fooking read between the dead sea tea leaves and the dirty hallowed killing ground
My I'm So Bored With The USA Flatbed Boards Setting Sons

Community Standards Rule OK so Stand Down Phony Blair Stand Down Please Hell is for children who need help

3. Details Are Being Investigated

HIROSHIMA, Japan, 8/2/05 (MB's AP -- Mike Burns's Associated Pressed Pants On Fire) - Saying he was on a "mission to ignite peace," musical legend Bun E. Carlos Santana played before a sold-out crowd at a concert Tuesday to mark the 60th anniversary of the world's first atomic bomb attack.

The concert was one of dozens of events this city is holding ahead of the memorial ceremony on Saturday. About 50,000 people, including he ought to be dismembered member of the Coalition of the Willing to do the Bidding and the Killing for America's Top Butcher Mr. Busher, Prime Minister Junichiro When Will The Ever Learn? Koizumi, are expected to gather in Peace Memorial Park for Saturday's anniversary.

"It is an honor to be here and to be of service with our music," Santana told the "Emissaries for Peace" concert crowd of about 2,000. "We want to give birth to a world with peace in our lifetime." Then for his first ever in concert cheap trick, he set his guitar on hellfire.

Santana, joined by "jimmy jazz and then it sucks" greats, couldn't we do better America than sending over this meager lot to pay for our heavy sins, Herbie Barely-Loaded Hancock and John Wayne Shorter, visited Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park earlier in the day. Last week, the trio played a similar concert in Nagasaki, which was devastated by an atomic bomb three days after the attack on Hiroshima.

Anticlimactic? Perhaps. Antichrist-like? Definitely. Who wants a second helping of orgasmic orgy of death? Marvelous.

About 200,000 people were killed in the blasts. Japan surrendered on Aug. 15, 1945, bringing World War II to a mind-blowing, heart-stopping, blindingly brilliant glimpse of a 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse crescendo. It blowed up real good. THIS IS THE END.

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In Bob we trust...

In many ways, Eric Walker is just a regular guy, a shy tech-support worker and self-admitted geek who lives with his wife in Quincy.

But in other circles, Walker, 37, is known as the Rev. Modemac, an ordained minister for the Church of the Subgenius, a world of geeks and weirdos, mavericks and misfits who meet to counter the Conspiracy, and, of course, to spread the Slack.

Difficult to understand?

‘‘It's supposed to be,'' Walker said.

The members - Subgeniuses - rarely step out of character long enough to explain their faith to the outside world. But Walker did convey the central themes: the religion is really a spoof on cults and false deities. Also, it's supposed to be fun.

‘‘How can you make fun of ridiculous cults if you're not a member of one yourself?'' Walker said.

(via LVX23)

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Wash That Pussy, Girl!

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