Friday, September 16, 2005


Days Like This


Saint Architeuthis


A love of a horse for a dolphin


That'll smart in the morning


Another memory KOed


artist: Dolcett

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I'm hungry

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Everybody Rides The Bus (hey, it's cool, they're legal)

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Amazing Grease

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One of my better alt.slack answers

Q: What's satanic mean?

A: An average of n Satan worshippers computed by adding some function of Satan and dividing by some function of n.


Hard Living

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Darling, Our Baby Is Handicapped ...



New Pr0n Form Born




Damn Robots


Ducks Get You When You Sleep

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Revolting Abducts Alien!

This is old, but it still cracks me up...

It wasn't difficult for the Revolting staff to find and capture a gray alien. These parasitic creatures, which hail from the far end of the galaxy, can't resist a fresh plate of raw cattle genitals and anuses, so we simply purchased a few pounds of the organs from the "Cattleman's Spread Slaughterhouse" in Ottumwa, Iowa and had them FedExed in a box of dry-ice to our San Francisco offices. That night, two of our interns drove our company limousine to a deserted area near Orinda (about 20 east of San Francisco) and placed the thawing cow parts on a plate garnished with human semen and a freshly-used tampon. The interns then hid behind a duck blind. One intern held a cattle prod, the other a specially fabricated net made of woven aluminum that had been soaking in a negative-orgone box for a couple of weeks.

After a half-hour, one of the interns, Jann, complained that the tape in his Walkman started playing very fast, and soon after his Timex Indiglo watch flashed very brightly for an instant before the crystal broke, ruining the watch (Even though Jann was warned beforehand that Revolting would not reimburse him for any expenses incurred during the capture, he tried to get us to buy him a new watch anyway. We fired him.)

Soon after, a small spacecraft landed near the bait, and a 6-foot-tall alien pilot jumped out of the port, holding a bucket in one skinny-fingered hand, and a pair of tongs in the other. Its small mouth was exuding a large quantity of phosphorescent goo, which we presume was hunger-induced drool. According to the other intern, Tina, the alien looked like a leafless, animated tree, topped with a large triangular head. "There was no cock or pussy on it," she noted later. As soon as the alien approached the bait and began to reach with the tongs, Jann and Tina ambushed it, shocking it with the cattle prod and wrapping it tightly in the aluminum net. "It made a really weird scream, like one of those plunger whistles," said Jann. "And goo was dripping out of it like crazy." (more...)


Sexy Losers






Dog Huffing


Grandpa Golden Years by Heart Ignition

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Rehab Program for Skinhead Nazis.

Monday, September 12, 2005


HOLY S**T W.T.F.???





Come to me


“Eureka”Jim O'rourke

This page starts off ok, then suddenly ... WTF?


Please Stop, Dave

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


big woody


For-the-Osteoblaz0r, by Heart Ignition

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My eyes, the g ... oh, you get the idea

Harry Potter Valantines HC-style


Big John


You Know You Want One

Who am I kidding, though? Some of you would need a couple gross of 'em.

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