Saturday, December 10, 2005


Abductivity Scene

Abductivity 01
Originally uploaded by normaljean.

Scalpod and his wife, NormalJean made this awesome Abductivity scene for their X-istMas festivities!

NormalJean even made this humorous Dobbsian XistMas song to listen to download here!!(right click - save as...)


Would You Like To Be A Peppers, Too?

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More than coincidentally, I think, while using the keywords "Brian Peppers" in Google Image, I found an image linking to:

Friday, December 09, 2005


Someone call sexmortus

This is the next logical step for the sexmortus campsite.


il Maestro

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Thursday, December 08, 2005



"MAGICAL MISERY TOUR (Bootleg Record)"

[Cut from the lp, Yoko Is A Concept By Which We Measure Our Pain, recorded live at Rolling Stone, all profits to go to the Toronto Peace Festival.

Reprised on National Lampoon's Radio Dinner. Lyrics taken from John's own words, given in RS interviews, arranged by Tony Hendra & Michael O'Donaghue. JL played by Tony Hendra, YO by Melissa Manchester.

As Magical Misery Tour was actually written by him, I consider it a John Lennon song. Not only that, I think it's his best solo song ever.]



I RESENT performing for you fuckers
Tell me, what do you know?
A lot of faggot middle-class kids wearing long hair and trendy clothes
Look, I'm not your fucking parents
And I'm sick of uptight hippies coming knocking at me door
With a fucking peace symbol
Get lit, fuck that, I don't owe you fuckers anything
And all I got to say is FUCK YOUUUUUU
The sky is bluuuuue

And Mick Jagger, I think that Mick's a joke with all his stupid faggot dancing
I always did, wiggling his ass you know, it's just a lot of bullshit
And where does he come off saying all those tarty things about The Beatles
When every fucking thing we ever did Mick tried to copy
And you know we even wrote his second fucking record for him
No, The Stones aren't in the same fucking class as The Beatles
Either music wise, or power wise, and never ever were
Pardon me, sir

Paul said he hated Yoko
Tell me, why should Yoko have to take that kind of shit?
Shit from those fucking sons of bitches?
George said she gave off evil vibes
I should have beat the fucking shit right out of him
Him with his fucking Hare Krishnas

Me auntie, she tore up me fucking poems
She just threw the bastards out
I can't forgive her, 'cause she didn't treat me like a fucking genius--
Look, you bastards, I'm a genius, like Shakespeare and Beethoven and Van Goth! Don't you DARE criticize my work! "Don't Worry Kyoko" was one of the fucking BEST rock and roll records ever made! I'm a fucking ARTIST! I'm sensitive as shit! I throw up before I go onstage! I can make a guitar SPEAK! If I could be a fisherman I would, but I can't, because I'm a FUCKING GENIUS! I was the Walrus! PAUL wasn't the Walrus! I was just saying that to be nice, but I was actually the Walrus! Him and that RUBBISH he's been singing! Eastman was an ANIMAL! A FUCKING STUPID MIDDLE-CLASS PIG! I won't let fucking animals like that near me! Yoko is a SUPREME INTELLECTUAL! I'll tell you why nobody likes her music -- because she's a woman and she's Oriental, that's why! WHERE ARE YOU, MOTHER? THEY'RE TRYING TO CRUCIFY ME!

Genius is pain

(Yoko: The dream is over.)

(By the buy, I chose and was given for my first record album, Sgt. Pepper. I requested but was denied that "Imagine" be sung at my Confirmation.)

Apple of my eye -- Often daughters or sons are referred to as the "apple" of their parent's eye. This phrase originates from King David, who wrote in Psalm 17 to ask God to remember and love David as His child: "Keep me as the apple of Your eye, hide me in the shadow of Your wings." (Ps 17:8).

JL: "Possession isn't nine-tenths of the law, it's nine-tenths of the problem."

JL: "As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot."

JL: "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."

Mike Burns/Plastic Fantastic Bush Merde Band:

'Bob' is a mindset
By which we treasure
Our gain
I'll say it again
Ashlee is a headset
By which you measure
I'm insane

I don't believe in Allegiance
I don't believe in Flag
I don't believe in Authority
I don't believe in Hey Hey LBJ, How Many Kids Have You Killed Today
I don't believe in Tricky Dicky
I don't believe in Henry The Kiss of Death
I don't believe in Ray Gun
I don't believe in Rumpswab
I don't believe in Cheney (Go Fuck Yourself)
I don't believe in A Thousand Points Of Dim Bulb
I don't believe in Neo-Conda Sleaza Rice Patty
I don't believe in CIA
I don't believe in FBI
I don't believe in Pigs
I don't believe in Intelligence
I don't believe in WMD
I don't believe in The New York Fucking Times
I don't believe in The Pay To Riot Act
I don't believe in Home-bland Insecurity
I don't believe in Duct Tape
I don't believe in Plastic
I don't believe in Faded Ribbon Car Magnets
I don't believe in Support The Troops
I don't believe The Price Of Gas
I don't believe in The Masters Of War
I don't believe in The Almighty Dollar
I don't believe in God We Trust
I don't believe in One God, the Fatherfucker, The The Faker & The Taker of Heather & Mirth, of All that is Scene & Obscene
I don't believe in The Worker's Revolution
And I don't believe in The Final Solution
I don't believe in One Lord, Jesus H. Christ, The Only Son of A Bitch, Eternally Besotted by the Father, Goddess Removed from Goodness, Light from Sight, Good God Y'all from Great Balls of Fire. Forget Him but Hate Him Not For He Does Not Exist No More Than Does One More Beating from the Earthly Father, Through Him All Things Were Made Mad. For Us Men & For Our World Domination Over Women, He Deigned To Come Down From A Heavenly Love Buzz: By the Power of the Unholy Spirits He Became Inebriated of the "Two Skinny Virgins Get Out Of Here If You Don't Know, I'm Counting on 72 When I Suicide Blond Bomb You Unto Desolation Row (Where I Will Come Unglued)." For Our Jake He was G'Day Bruce-ified under Unconscious Pilot; He Buffered A Slow Death as He was Married, Buried. On the Third Day He Rose Again in Accordance with the 72 Virgins; He Ascended into Heavenly Mount 'Sigh' On & Fount 'Bring It On' & is Seated on the Saddle on the Ass of the Father. He Will Come Again in Flaming Glory And Prejudge the Fates of The Barely Living With AIDS and The Grateful Dead, and To His Kingdom I Shall Put An End
I don't believe in The Shapes of Things to Come
And I don't believe in I'm Not The Only One
I don't believe in the Unholy Spirits, the Lord Be Within You, the Indian Giver of Life, who Proceeds from Father to Son to Kill the Godless Cherokee Nation. With the Father and the Son he was Horsewhipped & Horrified & Genocide. He has Spoken Through the Profits
I don't believe in Original Sin
I don't believe in What I Don't Believe In
I don't believe Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquistion
I don't believe in One Unholy Catheter & Alcoholic Church, for which I do Renounce My Baptism for the Forgiveness of Me Being Barely Two Weeks Old, for which I do Renounce my Marriage for the Church in its Infinite Wisdom Teeth only Bites Fake Paper Wafers, Passes on Gay Weddings and Chaste Gay Seminarians like Only Gays can Only be Pervs, The Faith Swallows NOT D.I.V.O.R.C.E. But Condemns All who Condom and thereby Commits Itself to Utter Uselessness.
I don't believe in the Pope and the Infallibility of the Pedophilobility of his army of FatherRapers. Pope John Paul II can Kiss my Black Mass. Oops, He's Dead, Didn't Rise Again, and can't Fuck with his Flock Anymore. I look to Run from the Night of the Living Dead, and the Black Hole of the Whirl to Come. Amen.
I don't believe in The Things I've Never Had
I don't believe in my Mum & my Dad
I don't believe in Country
I don't believe in Family
I don't believe in Working For It's Not A Living
I don't believe in How Quaint The Geneva Convention Is
I don't believe in How All Men Are Created Equal Before The Whip
I don't believe in Santa Clause
I don't believe in Sanity
I don't believe in Hannity
I don't believe in Friends
I don't believe in Man
I don't believe in Peace
I don't believe in Love
I don't believe in & Understanding
I don't believe There's Just Not Enough Food To Go Around
I don't believe Pot's Not Legal
I don't believe in Hope
I don't believe in Dreams
I don't believe in The Elixir of Youth
And I don't believe in The Absolute Truth
I don't believe in Justice
I don't believe in Freedom
I don't believe in I'm Not Going To Be Late
I don't believe in Leaving What I Don't Believe In
I don't believe in Being Brief
I don't believe in Perpetual Motion
I don't believe in Perfect Devotion
I don't believe in Shit From Shineola
I don't believe in Art for Christ's Sake
I don't believe I Believe in Beauty So Much It Hurts
I don't believe in Photography Ay (He Asked Him Knowingly)
I don't believe in TV (But I Still Better Watch It)
I don't believe in Hollywood
I don't believe in Celebrity
I don't believe I'm Sleeping With Paris Hilton & I Don't Even Know It
I don't believe in Hottie
I don't believe in Indie
I don't believe in Movies
I don't believe in Video Games
I don't believe in Comics (But I Still Like To Look)
I don't believe in Books
I don't believe in Travel
I don't believe in Living
I don't believe in Sports
I don't believe How Much I Get A Howl Out of those Peyton Manning Commercials Where He Poses as a Lunatic Fringe Fan of Ordinary Everyday People going about their Ordinary Everyday Loser Jobs, like how He fawningly asks a Supermarket Stock Boy to Autograph a Melon, and gushes "Oh, man, that's Awesome!" when the Kid Obliges
I don't believe I Believe The Colts Will Go Undefeated
I don't believe What I Just Saw
I don't believe What I Read
I don't believe in What A Fucking Useless Rotter I Am Because It's The Only Way I Can Live With How
I don't believe I'm A Believer
I don't believe in Animals Even Though I Eat Them
I don't believe in Plants Even Though I Eat Them
I don't believe in Nature For I Don't Believe Mine
I don't believe You
(She Just Acts Like We Never Have Met)
I don't believe You
(You're A Liar... Play Fucking Loud!)
I don't believe That's Just The Booze Talking
I don't believe Anyone Is Still Reading This
I don't believe In Slack
I don't believe in Frop
I don't believe in Pink Boys
I don't believe in X-Day
I don't believe in Bob
I don't believe in Internet Buddies
I don't believe in Sex
I don't believe in Drugs
I don't believe in Rock & Roll
I don't believe in Voting but I Can't Stop The Madness
I don't believe I Do Believe I've got to Change My Non-Believing Ways
I don't believe I Only Believe in Chick Rock (She's Like Heroine To Me/ She Cannot Miss A Vein)
I don't believe in Miss American Pie
I don't believe Dupeya Was Ever Elected
I don't believe He Deserves To Live
I don't believe in Future
I don't believe in 9/11

I just believe in zero
Zero is me
And that's reality
The scream is over
What can I say?
The scheme is over
I was here
But now I'm gone
I was the thewaymouth
But now I'm done
And so dear friends
You just have to carry on
The cream is over

Mike Burns has left the collapsing building...



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David Nostromo

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