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Everybody's a Critic

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Don't skimp on breakfast


Super Mario Scat

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Some People Are Slow Learners

Sunday, June 24, 2007



A new tunnel has been excavated in the ART MINES:


This is the first major excavation since June, 2006. Therefore this stash contains ONE YEAR'S WORTH of Slackwork by dozens of artists and arteests… probably around 1500 to 2000 pieces. AND THIS IS JUST THE GOOD STUFF! We didn't include EVERYTHING in this stash, just our faves.

There are actually 3 new tunnels… there was too much for one. Tunnel 1 contains work by the four most prolific: IMBJR, LeMur, Heart Ignition and Bat Mummy. There's also a "MISCELLANEOUS" page with dozens of pieces by folks who only did the one piece that year. NOTE: there is a special "XXX-IMBJR" section that REALLY IS "adults only." And squeamish adults may want to think twice before venturing into IMBJR's "special room"!

Tunnel 2 contains numerous tributaries by Reverends Artemia Salina, ErRoR, iDRMRSR, Zontar, some raunchy 3d ones by BO-nanana (use your old set of blue-red 3D glasses for these!), Ennui Malaise, generic spam harvester bait, Heathen, Legume, Lord Of Eltingville, Neuromanson, Norel Pref, Razna, Unclaimed Mysteries, and some GIF-mations by Walter Cosmac.

There are even some leftover photos from 9X-Day in a special 9X section, pics that didn't get to us in time to be used in the 9X Photonovella.

P.S. I did this instead of editing the 9X-Day videos. I am STILL gonna try to do that too before XX-Day.


So I hurd U liek mudkips!

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