Friday, April 11, 2008


Seattle, Hamburg, X-Day; SubGenius Online Course; SubCondoms; videos; MORE

It's a busy summer in SubGeniusdom!

(Scroll down past this simple list for details on each item.)

This week: ROBOHAMLET play in NYC

April 19: MONSTRO Seattle Final Devival!

April 25: London fund-raiser with SubGenius preaching, music

April 28: MaybeLogic Academy's 8-week SubGenius History and Cult Development ONLINE COURSE begins

May 3: Hamburg Devival in Germany

July 2-6: X-Day 11 (details with adults-only pictorial)

July 3rd-7th. Xday Europe 10, Copenhagen Denmark
See Yahoo Groups Euro_SubGenius for details

The Amino Acids Movie, Part 1

"Bob" and Connie Condoms

Fixing alt.slack, the SubGenius Forum

July 22-27: Starwood 28

Hour of Slack Home Subscription Service

New stations and mp3 downloads

More SubGenius Movies, downloadable sermons (see STANG'S BLOG for these videos, and more detailed version of this list!)

Jocko Domo Art Project

INWO/SubGenius Game -- Last Chance for Out of Print Game

Magdalen could still use help


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