Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hour of Slack contributors ZXQ Universe, Post-Void Radio Theater found online

Earlier I was having a conversation with Ouroboros Rex, who's responsible for playing the Hour of Slack on WEFT in Champaign, IL. He mentioned that he also maintains the station's archive of the shows--many on cassette going back into the early 90s. He was particularly fond of one that featured a radio play called "Zammbuki". Now, since I'm from Dallas and listened to the Hour of Slack since 1987, I remembered that episode fondly, and started reminiscing about some of the other radio plays that Stang has played on the show, including one called The Philip K. Dick Van Dyke Show, and another about UFO conspiracies centered around an investigator called Alabama Neptune.

Next thing you know, I'm searching online--and guess what?

That's right, you can listen to "Zammbuki" online. If you love Japanese monster movies and/or The Firesign Theatre--especially if you love both--you should listen. Very carefully. In good headphones. Enjoyment augmentation optional.


The same site hosts an apparently defunct but otherwise entertaining page celebrating the discoveries of Alabama Neptune.

As for the Philip K. Dick Van Dyke Show, it apparently is a legend in its own right.

Apparently Philip K. Dick fans can, in fact, be humorless tightasses. Why am I not surprised?

There is an address and pricing information for buying a copy of the radio play at the bottom of the page.

That show was produced by a troupe calling themselves Post-Void Radio Theater, which also seems to have connections with The Excluded Middle magazine. It would seem you can order PKDVDS and more from them, directly.

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