Monday, December 15, 2008


A Secret Report from within the Arting Guild: 2008 Year-End

Spice production break-down (figures do not include approx. 19 items of recently mined materials):

1 unit of AVI
21 units of GIF
2 unit of JPEG
3 units of MP4
9 units of PNG
209 units of TIFF
= 245 units.

Compare these figures with 2007: approx. 281 units.
And 2006: approx. 851 units.

As one can see, there is a marked drop in production. This is attributable to 2 factors:

1. Very poor access to Usenet as a medium of distribution. Other channels are used, but they have not enjoyed the same volume of production (except in 2006).

2. Over 10 years of spice production has made mining very difficult. Dobbs is rarely used as a whole ingredient, with his pipe, if at all, being the tokenistic feature. THAT is now rarely used; the miners were not aware of the faddy nature of this product prior to its use. The cult of the hexagon, however, continues strongly and is starting to enjoy mutated usage.

Despite what appears to be a decline, spice is still produced - and it is hoped that it is quality spice, of a type not much seen from this producer. As such, late 2008 and early 2009 vintage spice is being stockpiled, to be released in more conventional formats sometime mid-2009. However, be warned: this producer is subject to whim and the spice dividend may appear much later or be diluted in interim releases.

This producer leaves you with a little bit of the colourful stuff:

and wishes you a happy Xistlessnessmas and X-Day 2009.

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