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Do You Have All Ten Registered Types of Humanoid Penii?

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By the way, if you wish to post pics that Imageshack and Photobucket can't abide, let me suggest FapOMatic, at

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i maded a dobbhead

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Two things that make a wrong

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Miss July, 1957

The SubGenius Foundation has done a relatively thorough job of suppressing the pornography that Dobbs' primary mate, Connie, was involved in. However, researchers at the INDCMPLX decided to trawl through the archives with the assumption that Dobbs' minions had not bothered to check for material filed under Connie's maiden name, Marsh.

And sure enough, under the short-lived Full Spread imprint [1], we find a Miss July from 1957 - supposedly a Miss Constance Marsh - but we know better. Such deceit! Not only does she go under her maiden name, she claims to be unmarried at the time the photos were taken.

[1] Short lived because beaver shots were a big no-no then.

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