Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Dear Friends:

Last Wednesday, we sent out a bulk emailing to everybody on our list. It basically advertised the MaybeLogic Academy online course in SubGenius, provided links to lots of new and old videos, and had several reminders of wonderful products now available from our SubGenius stores.

We got lots of Paypal, CafePress store and eBay orders, but no credit card orders. I thought it was just that business was slow, until yesterday when somebody emailed to tell me the credit card shopping cart was broken.

Sure enough, ever since last Thursday, anyone who tried to order using a credit card from my Bulldada Time Control store encountered an error message.

Today, we got that fixed. The credit card shopping cart works fine now. BUT! -- in the process, we discovered to our ABJECT and UTTER HORROR that at least 62 people tried to order! We found the records of the ATTEMPTS, but because of a glitch in the system that started right after the bulk emailing, the only records were of what PRODUCTS people were trying to order. There was no record of WHO had tried nor their payment info. The glitch wasn't letting anyone get that far in the process.

THEREFORE: if you tried to order something last week from Bulldada Time Control Labs store, and got frustrated by error messages, PLEASE TRY AGAIN! We BEG of you! We could really use those 62 orders.

The store URL is:

Or you can go to and click on the STORES links.

That page shows you how to get ordained, how to get our books, DVDs, etc. It is now working fine and is completely secure. (It never was UN-SECURE, or even insecure, it was just plain BROKEN for almost a week.)

If you ordered using Paypal, our CafePress SubStore or eBay, you probably already have your goodies, or they are on the way. This problem only happened with attempted credit card orders.

It JUST FIGURES that, of all possible times for this simple computer glitch to happen, it would be RIGHT AFTER a bulk emailing. We must have done something to anger "Bob." Or perhaps we didn't do ENOUGH to anger "Bob."

We await a sign. The best possible sign would be for those who tried to order but couldn't, to now try again!

Thank you very much for your patience. And remember, we didn't call it "Church of the GENIUS." I hate having to use that line, but I find myself having to do so all too often. PRAISE "BOB" ANYWAY!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ducking Off


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